younger daize


Free your face from aging with the younger daize facial oil.  

Application: After cleansing, gently massage 4-5 drops into your face. Use daily if needed. 


Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil can help slow down the appearance of aging and help to fade fine lines and wrinkles. Jojoba oil also helps to increase the skin's firmness.

Apricot Oil: Apricot oil is known to promote the reparation of damaged skin and helps to enhance skin's elasticity, clarity, and suppleness. 

Evening Primrose Oil: Evening Primrose Oil soothes and moisturizes the skin while enhancing elasticity. Furthermore, it promotes a healthy, clear, rejuvenated complexion by addressing roughness, wrinkles, redness, dryness, and irritation.

Marula Oil: Marula oil is extremely beneficial for dry, aging skin and has the ability to help your skin regenerate and repair itself. This oil is also a great oil for all skin types due to its high levels of oleic acid.

Coffee Bean Oil: Coffee bean oil helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles and is especially helpful in tightening the skin around the eyes.

Pomegranate Oil: Pomegranate oil regenerates and repairs skin, and effectively reduces and prevents wrinkles. It contains Punicic Acid which increases collagen production, thus preventing the signs of aging on skin.

Lavender Oil:  The antioxidants in lavender oil can help protect against wrinkles, fine lines, and dark age spots.


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